3 Steps to Embody Sun and Moon Energy

The Sun and Moon hold beautiful energies. They are complementary opposites and their essence can be found within each of us. We can begin to discover our full potential as human beings by embodying the energies of the Masculine, Feminine, Light and Darkness, which are represented by the Sun and Moon.

By embracing and accepting both sides within yourself, you can travel through life feeling more balanced, whole and authentic.


Step 1: Balancing Masculine and Feminine

As human beings, each of us possess divine Masculine and Feminine energy. It’s inside us and we can tap into it by honouring both of these aspects of ourselves. The Sun and Moon represent the counterparts of this energy, with the Sun being the Father and the Moon being the Mother.

The Sun is masculine, powerful and bold and represents willpower and the ego (self). It expresses itself outwardly and symbolises life, joy, warmth and radiance, vitality, growth, spiritual intelligence and light. The Moon represents the feminine; it is intuitive and nurturing and holds deep emotional understanding and wisdom. It represents inner reflection, cycles, transformation, the psych, secrets, dreams, mystery, intuition and wisdom.

The Sun helps us to shine and express ourselves to the world with courage and confidence. We can incorporate the Sun’s willpower and vitality to motivate us to get things done, continually grow and accomplish our dreams in life. On the other hand, the Moon encourages us to take time out to rest and reflect inwardly. This allows us to cultivate self-love and acceptance by becoming more in touch with our emotions, inner selves and personal understanding of the world.

In other words, the Moon gently flows while the Sun powerfully moves forward; the Sun takes decisive action and the Moon responds, reflects and understands. Both are equally important and necessary in life! Sun energy keeps us moving forward and developing, while the intuitive Moon guides us to a path of understanding, emotional fulfilment and peace.

By balancing the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves, we can start to live a more balanced and harmonious life, inside and out.


Step 2: Embracing Light and Dark

On another level, the Sun and Moon reflect the light (revealed) and darkness (hidden) within us. Just as we have both Masculine and Feminine energy within us, we also have a light and dark side. Our light side is the side we prefer to show to others (expressed outwardly, like the shining Sun), and consists of all the attributes we perceive as ‘good’. We can celebrate these attributes by expressing and feeling good about ourselves.

Our dark side contains all the aspects of ourselves that we have repressed or rejected (hidden and uncovered, like the Moon) because we think they are bad or unacceptable. In truth, our dark side is just as beautiful and important as our light side because both are a part of us! Using the wisdom and inner reflection of the Moon, we can take a look at these hidden and unwanted aspects of ourselves and begin to accept, learn from and understand them more deeply. Through this we will develop a perspective of non-judgment and unconditional love.

Accepting all sides of ourselves, especially our ‘negative’ or hidden traits, is empowering and can lead to remarkable transformation and self-acceptance. By acknowledging both our light and dark sides we are stepping more into our authentic selves and giving ourselves true unconditional love, which is immensely healing.


Step 3: Meditation

Meditation and visualisation are amazing ways to integrate new ideas and energies into our bodies and minds. By focusing on the energy of the Sun and Moon, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, we begin to strengthen these energies within and become more aligned with these aspects of ourselves.

Here is a meditation to help you feel and channel the powerful and intense energies of the Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon Guided Meditation

So let this be the year you channel both the Sun and Moon to become the best version of you. Utilise the strong, motivating Sun energy to create and achieve your dreams and to express yourself fully! Nurture yourself with the gentle, intuitive Moon energy to foster self acceptance, transformation and understanding.


Sophie at Peace Love Tribe

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