Your 3 Best Personality Traits, Based on your Zodiac Sign!

In Astrology, your personality, potential and life path are determined by the placements of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth.

Your Sun sign (or commonly called ‘Star sign’ or ‘Zodiac sign’) represents the personality traits that you are most likely to share openly in your daily life.

Keep in mind that while your Sun sign is an integral part of you, there are many other planets and aspects also influencing your personality. So if you don't completely relate to your Sun sign, don't  be discouraged!

You can discover more about your Astrological chart by using a Birth Chart calculator online, which requires only your birth date, place and time to give you your full reading.

If you already know your Moon and Rising signs, you can read the traits for those signs, as well as your Sun sign, below.



Aries people have a confidence and self assurance that is incomparable! They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it.

They have the self assurance, motivation and drive to go for their dreams and goals, assuring that when they set their mind to something, they will succeed.


Aries people dream big and are always passionate about what they do.

They know they deserve and are capable of the best, so their goals and aspirations will be nothing short of amazing.

When they pursue their passions, nothing can stop them! They have the confidence to achieve anything & the passion to reach for the stars.



Aries are strong and resilient.

No matter what life throws at them, they always get back up stronger and even more ready to take on the next challenge.


Woman, Laughter, Bouquet Of Flowers, Happy, Female

Aries Life Motto: “You can achieve anything with hard work, determination, and belief in yourself!”



Stable and Grounded

Taurus people are very down to earth and have a stabilising presence.

They are not the type to have their head up in the clouds, but instead have a realistic perspective and plan practical actions to get to the end goal. Because of this, they come across to others as very reliable and trustworthy.

You can trust that things are safe and secure in a Taurus’ hands.


Hard-working and determined, these people will always, always obtain their goals, due to their everlasting endurance and perseverance.

You can trust a Taurus to get things done in a very dedicated, persistent manner, working slowly and surely towards the goal.

They are steadfast in their beliefs and opinions, and know exactly what they like. They remain loyal to their desires and goals until its fruition.

Enjoys Luxury

The Taurus native seeks out pleasure and enjoyment.They like to be surrounded by beauty and to treat themselves to the finer things in life.

After a hard day’s work, they reap the fruits and bounty of their labour by indulging and pampering themselves.

 Girl, Smiling, Female, Woman, Young, Attractive

Taurus Life motto: “Work hard, play harder."




This sign is naturally curious.  They yearn for new and exciting experiences to satiate their curiosity about the world.

Interested in a wide variety of topics, a Gemini will always have a useful or interesting fact to add to any conversation.

Their thirst for new information and understanding may be due to their excellent mental agility. Their mind works quickly, taking in multiple things at once and picking up on intricate details.


Geminis thrive on change and variety. They can easily adapt to any new situation they find themselves in, whether it be a social group, place, or job.

They easily get along with others and are extremely interesting, playful and charming people to be around.


Geminis are very sociable and like to talk.  They have great communication skills, and can charm the pants of almost anyone with their likeable personality and their way with words.

Geminis are open with sharing their thoughts and feelings, and on top of that are also great listeners because they are genuinely interested in learning more about others.

They are gifted in both speaking and writing.

Girl, Sparklers, Fireworks, Blonde, Celebration, Happy

Gemini Life Motto: “Variety is the spice of life.”




Cancers are quirky and creative souls. They like to express themselves in creative ways.Their communication style is very creative and expressive, and they have a great sense of fun and laughter.

They may also choose to create through a medium such as art or film to show their imaginative thoughts and ideas. They love to create something that is beautiful, inspiring, emotive and brings joy!


A Cancer’s heart is filled with love for the people they care about. They are empathic and in tune with others’ emotions, making them exceptionally compassionate and caring.

Caring for others comes naturally to them, and they love to nurture. This makes them amazingly supportive friends and wonderful mothers.

Cancers are extremely good listeners and always supportive and understanding. They are compassionate and forgiving towards any soul in need and connect deeply with others at a heart level.


Cancers are tenacious and determined. They have a strong will and persevere through thick and thin.

They’re diligent workers and will always see things through.

They will stick by friends in the hardest times. Unafraid to tough it out, they make it through their own rough patches with tenacity.

Christmas, Happy, Woman, Lights, Joyful, Snow

Cancer Life Motto: “With love, nurture and perseverance, even the most wilted flower can bloom.”




Just like the Sun, the Leo loves to be the centre of everything!

They don’t shy away from the spotlight and they have a sense of royalty about them. They are impressive people and their shining confidence attracts a flock of admirers.

Leos also have a sunny disposition and great sense of humour, which brings joy to those around them.


This sign is very loyal to their friends and family.

They are extremely loving and playful, making wonderful friends and family members for those lucky enough to have a Leo in their life.

They will do anything for the ones they love and show their devotion openly.


Leos are dynamic, vibrant people, always seeking the enjoyment in life. They are extremely fun to be around and tend to bring the party with them!

They are bold and courageous, and there’s rarely a dull moment with the entertaining Leo around.

Woman, Girl, Freedom, Happy, Sun, Silhouette, Sunrise

Leo Life Motto: “Never dim your light! You’re the best at doing you, so own it.”




Virgos are extremely supportive and nurturing people.

They are also very trustworthy and can always be relied on. They always give the benefit of the doubt and try to see the best in others as much as possible. 

Virgos will never judge, and are always there to help and support their friends and loved ones. They are known for being kind, humble and faithful.


Virgo’s attention to detail is in a class of its own. 

They are perfectionists, and as such can pick up on even the slightest details, correcting every imperfection. Virgos possess clarity of mind and are highly analytical, intelligent and practical problem-solvers.

Virgo is a high-achiever and aims for the highest level of excellence in everything they do. Their nature is goal-oriented and they work meticulously towards their goals.


Virgos are very understated when it comes to speaking about their achievements, but don’t be fooled! Virgo definitely achieves excellence, as we have seen above.

Their modesty is a virtue, as they can conscientiously achieve their goals, without the need to boast. Their humility and dedication is in fact admired and appreciated by others.

Girl, Lady, Woman, Women, Asia, Female, Fashion, Sexy

Virgo Life Motto: "Support others and give the benefit of the doubt, always."




Fair and diplomatic, Libras always seek to find balance in every situation.

They aim to treat everyone equally and prefer relationships with others to be harmonious and balanced at all times.

Their balanced nature makes them very understanding and accepting. They have the ability to weigh and understand different perspectives, giving validity to everyone’s point of view.  


Libras have a gentle, loving nature that is extremely charming.

They’re able to have balanced conversations with others and to keep the peace, allowing them to get along harmoniously with pretty much anyone.

Value Beauty

Libras are beautiful inside and out, and they like to be in environments that are harmonious and pleasing.

This sign likes to be surrounded by art, culture and beauty.

Libras embody their inner God/Goddess and exude a sense of inner love and beauty that is very compelling.

Girl, Flower Bed, Flowers, Bed, Lying, Blonde, Pretty

Libra Life Motto: “Equality, peace and harmony can be reached through understanding and acceptance.”




Authentic and real, Scorpios live their life fervently.

When a Scorpio is passionate about something, they will never do it half-heartedly. Independent and brave, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into what they love. They will do it right and to the absolute best of their ability.

Scorpio is strong minded and true to themselves. They know what they want, and how to get it (and always do). They often aren’t afraid of sharing their true thoughts, even if it stirs the pot.


Scorpios are gifted at putting on a brave face and getting through it.

They have a strong sense of self and are street smart, which helps them overcome anything life throws at them.

They make it through the roughest times by keeping a lighthearted attitude and acting as usual. Others may not realise how much a Scorpio has really gone through, because they make it seem so easy!


Being a water sign, Scorpios are very deeply emotional and intuitive.

They are empathetic, easily able to read others and see their deeper needs, emotions and motives.

They always seem to know the right thing to say or do to help a situation, and can be a great person to talk to about your problems because they can read between the lines and see the deeper intricacies of the issue, and know how to help you and make you feel better.

Woman, Profile, Portrait, Smiling, Female, Girl, Face

Scorpio Life Motto: “Don’t dwell on your struggles, you are brave enough to conquer them.”




Sagittarius’ value their freedom and likes to live their own way. 

They love travel, meeting new people and having any type of new, exciting experience. They also have free, expansive minds and seek new places and experiences to broaden their perspective.

Fun, excitement, expansion and new experiences are all things that light up a Sagittarius.


The Sagittarius’ optimism is contagious and they always seek to find the positive side of life. Even on their worst days, there still remains a sense of hope and optimism that is unshakeable.

The Sagittarius’ easygoing nature makes them easy to get along with. They carry a happy, high vibration and are very sociable, so people love to have them around.

They have a contagious sense of humour and don’t mind a joke at their own expense, if it makes people laugh.


Honesty comes naturally to a Sagittarius. They speak the truth with an open heart and pure intentions.

They are not very judgemental people, and have a broad mind that understands that everyone is on their own journey.

Because they are so genuine and open-hearted, you cannot be offended by their honesty, even if the truth hurts a little.

Happy Woman, Smiling, Happy, Young, Smile, Female, Girl

Sagittarius Life Motto"Be free, positive and open to life!"




Capricorns possess great maturity and common sense.

Others can easily entrust any kind of responsibility to them, knowing that they are reliable, capable and get the job done.

These people are are intelligent and sincere, and are honest in everything they do. Sensible and economic, they achieve what needs to be done to the highest degree of quality.

Capricorns can be very wise, and come up with the most practical solutions to any problem they face.


Capricorns are very ambitious and willing to take on tough challenges.

Industrious and methodical, they are proficient at achieving their goals and they thrive on overcoming challenges.

When it comes to what they want, Capricorns are determined to succeed. They have a single-minded focus on their desires and the endurance to work for it.

They are also extremely patient, and won’t be discouraged by any delays or roadblocks on the way to their imminent success.


Capricorns like to portray their best side at all times!

They aim to be polite and respectful, and are well-liked for being extremely gracious and civilised in social and business interactions. They often like to be polished in the way they present themselves.

Others view the Capricorn as very refined and well put together. Many admire the quiet confidence and respectability exuded by them.

Woman, Date, Coffee, Smile, Girl, Day, People, Dating

Capricorn Life Motto: “You will always be rewarded for hard work and perseverance.”




Aquarians are good-natured and friendly. People genuinely enjoy their company because they have a way of lightening the atmosphere.

They have an open-minded and accepting way about them that makes others feel at ease.

Aquarians enjoy both lighthearted and deep conversations, and they are great listeners. They come across as understanding and interested, so people can easily open up to them about their views of the world.


Aquarians want to make the world a better place. They are sympathetic and really feel deeply for those in need.

They’re great believers of equality, and aim to treat everyone they meet with compassion and kindness. They are genuinely eager to lend a helping hand, be it to a friend or stranger.

They have deep morals, and are always striving for the betterment of society and the world as a whole. They will do what they can to be part of a better world, whether it be through humanitarian endeavours or in their everyday life.


Aquarians are very intellectual and are always learning and gaining understanding.

They make great teachers, as they are able to grasp complex or grand concepts and explain them in a way that is easy to understand.

They like to understand all perspectives and sides to any situation, although this will not often sway them from their own view. They think outside of the box and are great at coming up with original and inventive solutions and ideas. 

People, Girl, Female, Woman, Smile, Happy, Beauty, Hair

Aquarius Life Motto"Through kind actions, intelligent conversation and high moral standards, we can change the world for the better."




Pisces feel things deeply with their heart. They are deeply compassionate, and seeing another living being suffer can be very hard for them. Thus, they are extremely loving and selfless, often putting others needs first.

Pisces’ intuition is usually right. They can sense things in their heart before their head has had time to intellectualise it.

They are almost psychic when it comes to sensing people’s true emotions, because they’re able to pick up on subtle energies. They feel it deeply when someone is hurting.


Pisces have an exceptional imagination, and a wondrous way of seeing the world.

They can create worlds inside their own minds and often enjoy fantasy novels or films, because it allows them to explore the imaginary. They are very creative and artistic.

They are free-thinkers, and always see things through new and open eyes. They’re also extremely open-minded, and allow their perceptions and beliefs to constantly evolve throughout their life experiences.


Pisces have a unique sense of individuality and are independent beings.

They enjoy the freedom to live life their own way, and do things in their own time. They are often the first ones to step outside the box and do things a little differently.

They enjoy a healthy dose of solitude in order to integrate all their experiences, and to form their own personal beliefs and understanding of the world.

Silhouette, Sunset, Woman, Sky, Horizon, Clouds, Dusk

Pisces Life Motto: “We’re constantly evolving. Open your eyes and flow with life.”


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