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Express Yourself in the Way You Dress (Top 3 Tips)

Sophie J

Posted on March 02 2019

Express Yourself in the Way You Dress (Top 3 Tips)

Peace Love Tribe is all about self-expression. That's why our motto is "Live your dream, Wear your passion."

We believe that your clothes can be more than just something you put on your body. You can use what you wear to express your creativity, individuality and passion.

Expressing ourselves outwardly can make us feel more confident in who we are and lets others see a deeper part of us.

So, rather than dressing to impress, here are 3 tips on how to dress to express yourself!



Pick things that you resonate with. When a piece of clothing sparks joy inside you or you simply really love it, that shows that you resonate with it. The key is to go with how you feel about the item.














At PLT, rather than dressing to impress, we like to dress to express! We encourage you to find your individual style and express your soul... 

Whether you go for a particular colour, symbol, or meaningful quote, when you wear things that resonate with you, you’re expressing a part of yourself into the world.




When you feel like your look could use an extra burst of individuality, an accessory does the trick! Accessories add a pop of creativity and personality to your outfit, making it feel more you.










Finding accessories that reflect your personal style, beliefs and soul allows your inner self to shine through!

 Colour Code

Picking a colour scheme that suits your mood or style allows you to show your feelings in a creative and positive way. Feeling happy and carefree? Light and bright colours might suit you today. Feeling a little crazy and energised? Try wearing something bright and multicoloured. Perhaps your mood is more quiet and calm. In that case, earthy or subdued colours might suit you today.

Go with your own preferences and choose colours you feel reflect your mood and style best. 

Much love,

Sophie at Peace Love Tribe


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