Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Energy healing comes in many forms, & there are unlimited ways in which to practice energy healing. This is the first post in the ‘Energy Healing for Beginners’ series of posts, in which each post explains a different method of energy healing.

The healing modality I’ll go into today is Reiki Healing. I’m a certified Reiki Master and have received multiple Reiki sessions from other practitioners, so I am able to speak from experience on this topic. Before we dive into Reiki, I’ll start with a short introduction to Energy Healing as a whole.

Introduction to Energy Healing

Energy Healing harnesses a higher energy to bring about healing and greater well-being to individuals. It works on the belief that by balancing an individual’s energy, their health, emotional well-being and life circumstances can be improved.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

We have a physical body, and we also have an energetic (emotional) body and a mental body, which are all interconnected. When any of our ‘bodies’ have blockages, this can affect our physical, mental and emotional health. So, energy healing aims to balance and clear any imbalances in order to bring greater harmony to the individual.

My view is that we heal ourselves. Energy healers act as a conduit for healing, becoming skilled in interpreting and working with energy. They can help us in wonderful ways, and energy healing can be powerful, but remember that the power lies in you. The healer is there to help and to facilitate your healing, but you and The Universe are your true healers. You heal yourself by being open to healing, learning, growing and by choosing the right healing path for you.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing: Background

Reiki is a healing modality created by Master Usui in the 1920’s in Japan. After a long meditative fast, he found he was able to channel light energy for the healing purposes of himself and others. He developed the Reiki practice and founded the first Reiki clinic and school in 1922. It was (and still is) taught in 3 stages: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master. The teacher attunes students to each level sequentially, the student becoming able to channel more Reiki energy through them with each attunement. Think of a water faucet being turned a little bit more at each level. The water trickles out at Reiki 1 level, flows more fluently at Reiki 2 and comes out full-blast at Reiki Master level.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Master Usui passed on his teachings and practice to 21 students to ensure it would be carried on. It has continued to be passed on, taught and practiced and has spread worldwide. In modern times, the practice has become a little more flexible, as modern Reiki practitioners and teachers being more open to having their own personal take on Reiki, as opposed to strictly keeping to the exact methods originally taught by Master Usui. Many Reiki practitioners have also studied other healing modalities, and energy healers often offer a variety of healing methods in their practice.

How Reiki works

Reiki healing harnesses the energy of the Universe to promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for the energy, allowing it to flow through their hands to the recipient. The Reiki energy permeates the body with healing energy, promoting peace, balance and harmony (emotional, spiritual and physical). While gentle, the Reiki energy is also powerful. It penetrates the energy and body, loosening emotional and energetic blockages to release and heal them.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

The Reiki practice often focuses on the energy centres in the body (the chakras). Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of our lives and our issues and successes in life can indicate which chakras are aligned or out of balance. The practitioner may tune into each of the energy centres to determine which are imbalanced, then place the hands over the ones in need of healing, allowing Reiki energy to flow there. Reiki energy gently cleanses the chakras, releasing any stuck energy and promoting healthy and balanced energy.

Some practitioners use crystals or other tools to complement their Reiki practice. Crystals hold their own energetic vibration that is very high and can aid in healing. Certain crystals are said to correspond to different chakras, so if a particular chakra is low on energy its corresponding crystal(s) can be used to balance it. For example, if the heart chakra is imbalanced then Rose Quartz could be held above or placed on the chakra to help re-balance, clear and align it.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Some practitioners practice distance Reiki, which means they are not physically with their client for the session. Since energy is not bound by space or time, Reiki can be sent over any distance and the effects will still be felt. Some clients and practitioners much prefer this method, as the session can be done from the comfort of their own home or space, or from anywhere in the world (if they like to travel).

What does Reiki energy feel like?

Everyone’s experience of Reiki is different. It is common to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful during and after your session. Many people experience the surfacing of old, repressed emotions, which is the result of stuck emotions and energies being brought to the surface to be released (it’s common to feel relieved or refreshed after releasing the energies).

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki healing

Some people experience physical sensations such as tingling, warmth or coldness in different parts of the body. Others see colours or patterns behind their eyes. It is common to feel a little dazed after your session, as if you’re floating on a cloud or in another world. Some people don’t feel much energetically or physically, but simply report a greater sense of emotional or mental well-being from the session.

For me personally, Reiki energy feels light and calm. I can feel the sensation of the Reiki purifying and bringing more lightness and positivity to my energy. However, there have been times where it has felt  more powerful and intense. The way you experience Reiki is not fixed and will be completely personal and subjective to you. Whatever you experience will be perfect for you at that time, as Reiki energy always works for the highest healing of the individual.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

What to expect as a client or recipient of Reiki

Generally the Reiki practitioner will converse with you at the beginning of the session to find out what issues you would like to work on. The length of this initial conversation will vary between practitioners. Then, you will generally be asked to lie down in a comfortable place (most commonly a massage table).

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Most of the time this style of healing is quite passive on your side.You usually won’t have to do anything, as the practitioner will quietly work on you till the end of the session - don’t be surprised if you fall into a relaxing sleep during the session. However, some practitioners may speak to you throughout the session. They might receive intuitive insights, or messages from your higher self which they share with you, or may speak with you to help bring certain aspects of your issue to your attention for you to consciously release.

Reiki is most commonly known as a hands-on method, meaning that the practitioner will place their hands on your body. Some practitioners practice the hands-off method, hovering their hands above the body. They may move their hands through set Reiki hand positions, or move intuitively to where they feel the energy is needed.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

If you’re opting for a distance reiki session, you will set a time with the practitioner for the session to occur. You will most likely be advised to relax during this time period, and you will probably like to lie down or have the session as you are going to bed at night. The practitioner will send you an overview of what they experienced during your session - any issues they picked up on, where your energy was blocked, what they were able to clear for you, etc.

How long does Reiki take?

When booking a professional session, the practitioner usually offers 30 minute, 40 minute and 1 hour sessions (but it can depend on the practitioner). This gives them time to carry out the session as described above. This time period generally allow the recipient to become relaxed and allow the energy to flow through them freely. It also allows time for the practitioner to find energetic blocks and let the Reiki energy flow there until it is cleared.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Apart from professional sessions, Reiki energy does not have a set time limit. It can take as little or as long as you desire. Receiving the Reiki energy for any amount of time can be beneficial. As a Reiki practitioner, I can channel the energy to myself (or family and friends with their permission) for any amount of time.

How much does a Reiki session cost?

The price to receive a Reiki session usually ranges from $75 to $120 per hour. Again, this depends on the practitioner as they set their own price. I’ve seen some practitioners charge $200 - $300 per hour, particularly if they are very experienced or incorporate their clairvoyant abilities into their practice.

How can I become a Reiki practitioner?

To become a Reiki practitioner, there are 1-2 day courses available in Sydney, but I have heard of longer course requirements overseas. To be Reiki Master, you must go through all 3 Reiki level courses in order. However, you are able to begin charging for your professional services after receiving Reiki level 2.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki healing

Reiki 1 and 2 courses generally cost around $150-$200, with the Master course costing around $300+. But again, this depends on the teacher and can range from $50 to $1000 per course in different countries.

I received all 3 levels of Reiki from Athina Bailey in Surry Hills and would highly recommend her.

Reiki was my first real glimpse into the energy healing world and I’m so grateful it was with Athina. The classes were small and inclusive. I learned a lot of useful techniques to working with my own energy as well as the energy of others. I definitely received some energy upgrades throughout each of the Reiki levels, as I felt negative energy detoxing from me throughout the course and afterwards.

Energy Healing for Beginners 1: Reiki Healing

Students get to practice Reiki on each other, so not only do you get to learn and ask questions but you also receive multiple healing sessions throughout the courses. The attunement to Reiki is performed by the teacher. This can be powerful for the student, as you are receiving a new level of energy and your body is learning to integrate it. This can bring about healing and changes for the student (it did for me).

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