Energy Healing for Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

Today’s Energy Healing topic is ThetaHealing. This is a cool one, as it looks into the subconscious mind as the cause for all of our successes and failures in life. As a certified Advanced Thetahealer, I have found this method to be extremely powerful in uncovering unhealthy thought patterns that are holding us back in life.

Energy Healing For Beginners 2: ThetaHealing


This method of healing was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, a spiritual intuitive who suffered terminal illness. She miraculously healed herself from the illness, so began using the same method with her clients as well. She would go into a meditative ‘Theta brainwave state’ and set the intention for healing for her clients. She found that when she went into a ‘Theta state’, her clients were automatically going into that state as well, which allowed them to be healed. She coined ThetaHealing and began teaching her methods. It is now taught and practiced around the world.

What is Theta brainwave state?

Theta is a state of deep relaxation and creative inspiration. Examples of being in this state include meditative states, hypnosis and trance-states. We go into trance states all the time in our daily life. For example, when you’re driving or walking and you suddenly realise you can’t remember the last few minutes because your mind had drifted somewhere else, you were in a Theta (or trance) state.

Energy Healing For Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

Theta state is said by ThetaHealers to be the state in which you can create anything and everything, which is why Theta Healing taps into this brainwave to create positive change in our subconscious and our lives.

How ThetaHealing works

One of the foundations of this healing modality is that our beliefs create our reality. So by changing our beliefs, we change our life. ThetaHealing aims to change your subconscious beliefs, thoughts and emotions from negative to positive. This involves first finding hidden limitations (or negative beliefs) in the subconscious mind and bringing them to conscious awareness. The next step is to release these negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

Theta Healing relies on God/Source/Creator/The Universe (whichever is your preferred term) to carry out the healing. By connecting to a ‘Theta brainwave state’ we are connecting with The Universe. From that space we can ask for and receive instant healing and positive changes. The practitioner does this for the client by connecting to Theta state (thus also connecting the client to Theta state) and asking on the client’s behalf. 

Energy Healing For Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

The practitioner also facilitates the ‘digging’ process in order to find limiting beliefs that need changing and ‘witnesses’ the healing occurring. ‘Digging’ is the process by which subconscious limitations are found. The practitioner engages in sequential dialogue with the client in order to reveal subconscious beliefs. Muscle testing is used to conclude which beliefs are held by the subconscious (see below for an explanation of muscle testing). The practitioner then connects to Theta state, asks The Universe to change the beliefs for the client and witnesses the changes happening intuitively.

The ‘witnessing’ is a key part to the Theta healing process. Everything in the universe is energy and energy moves with intention. So by observing the healing and changes (in the practitioner’s mind or intuition) the practitioner brings it into existence.

Energy Healing for Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

What is muscle testing?

There are different forms of muscle testing, including using your finger, arm and whole body for muscle testing. Different practitioners may use different methods, but they all have the same effect and purpose.

Muscle testing uses your body’s natural reactions to show your subconscious beliefs. A strong body (indicated by muscle testing with the arm, finger or other body part) is an affirmative or “yes” answer. When the body goes weak (in comparison), this is a negative or “no” answer. (When using the whole body technique, the body will sway forward for “yes” and backwards for “no”).

Energy Healing For Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

The muscle testing method I learned is to hold your thumb and pointer finger together and then try to break them apart with the other hand (which also has thumb and pointer touching). As an example, if your fingers hold strong when you say the phrase “I love myself,” it means that belief is true for you (your subconscious holds the belief “I love myself”). If your fingers part and become slightly weaker when you say the same phrase, it means that belief is false for you (on a subconscious level, you don’t love yourself).

What to expect as a client/recipient

You will be seated in a chair opposite the practitioner. They will begin by asking you what you want to work on, and then will usually dive right into the digging process. Be prepared to talk and answer a lot of questions. This modality is much more active on your part compared to Reiki healing. You play an active part in your healing, since you are the one revealing your own subconscious to yourself and the practitioner.

Energy healing for beginners 2: ThetaHealing

When you get to the ‘bottom’ of the digging (when you find you have no more answers to the practitioner’s questions), the practitioner will use muscle testing to determine which beliefs you hold in your subconscious. They will then ask your permission to release the negative beliefs, and to download positive beliefs and emotions to you. They will list out loud to you what they intend to release and download, so that you’re fully aware of and consent to the beliefs they are going to change.

Once you’ve heard and agreed to the changed beliefs, you’ll be asked to close your eyes and relax. They will take you up to a ‘Theta’ state and change the beliefs for you. Changing the beliefs can take seconds or minutes, depending on the practitioner and situation. Afterwards, you will muscle test the same beliefs to see whether they have changed.

If muscle testing shows that the beliefs have changed and you feel totally cleared from the issue you started with, you then move on to another issue or area of your life and begin the digging process again. If the beliefs haven’t been changed or you still feel some negative emotion towards the issue, you will begin the digging process on the same issue again.

Energy Healing for Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

Every time the practitioner changes your beliefs through the ‘Theta’ state you will most likely feel lighter. It may take a few rounds of digging and changing to completely clear the issue. This is because of the complexity of the subconscious. You may need to travel through various avenues in your mind, finding the hidden beliefs and emotions in every crevice of the mind. When you’ve brought everything that was hidden to your awareness and let the practitioner release and change it, you have cleared that issue from your life.

How long does ThetaHealing take?

Theta Healing sessions are usually set at around 1 hour, giving ample time for the digging process, which takes up a majority of the session.

After the digging and muscle testing, the actual healing itself (in Theta state) occurs instantaneously, or as quickly as you and the practitioner believe is possible. This is because The Universe heals everything instantaneously. It is only a matter of allowing, choosing and believing in the healing on both a conscious and deep subconscious level (which ThetaHealing helps us to achieve).

Energy Healing for Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

How much does a ThetaHealing session cost?

ThetaHealing practitioners set their own prices, so prices may vary greatly depending on the practitioner’s experience or demand for their services.

How can I become a ThetaHealing practitioner?

To become a certified ThetaHealing practitioner you must do a 3 day Beginner’s ThetaHealing course, which costs around $400. After that there are additional courses you can take (such as Theta Advanced and Wealth Consciousness courses), with prices varying. The classes usually include a workbook as well as a ThetaHealing book by Viana Stibal (creator of ThetaHealing).

Energy Healing for Beginners 2: ThetaHealing

I gained my Theta Beginners and Advanced certifications with Mark Anthony at CoCreation Theta Healing in St Leonards, Sydney. The classes were fun, informative and in-depth. I felt I learned and grew a lot as a person after each course I did. You receive a lot of healing, since you practice ThetaHealing techniques on each other and receive downloads from Mark as part of the courses. You also have the chance to develop your clairvoyant & intuitive abilities (yes, we all have these abilities!) through practising different readings, including connecting to your Higher Self and future readings.

You can view pricing and available classes here:

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