The Flower of Life - it's Origins, Symbolism & Meaning

Origins & Symbolism of the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life has been recorded by many cultures around the world. It can be found in many sacred texts and Ancient cultures. For example, it was incorporated in statues at Chinese temples and engraved on walls in Ancient Egypt. It’s connection to major religions and Ancient cultures suggest the deep-rooted spiritual knowledge found in the symbol.

The Flower of Life: Origins, Symbolism & How to Receive its Frequencies.

The Flower of Life is made up of 19 overlapping circles, which expand from the Seed of Life (read our Seed of Life blog post). The pattern begins with a single circle, symbolising that all of creation and everything in existence stems from a single source. This shows us how everything in the Universe is connected. Everything that exists is an aspect of the one source that it was created from. When we apply this knowledge to ourselves, we realise that everything we see around us in another aspect of ourselves. 

Receiving the Flower of Life's Frequencies

The symbol itself holds within it the fundamental patterns of nature and the Universe. By observing the symbol, this information is unconsciously transmitted to us, deepening our understanding of the patterns of life.

The Flower of Life: Origins, Symbolism & How to Receive its Frequencies.

You can gaze or meditate on the symbol to download its vibrational frequencies. Drawing the symbol from scratch (using a compass for precise measurements) is also a wonderful way to receive the Universal information stored within it. 

Wearing the symbol or having the Flower of Life around us in our daily life reminds us of our own inter-connectedness with everything in the Universe. It heightens our sense of the sacred connection between all things and encourages us to see the beauty in all things.

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Reflecting on the Flower of Life and its meaning heightens compassionate, heart-centred feelings. It increases our compassion and empathy for people, animals, plants and all beings. We are all intrinsically connected, so everything is truly an aspect of ourselves to be seen through the eyes of love. 

The Flower of Life: Origins, Symbolism & How to Receive its Frequencies.

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