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Last Minute Gifting

Whether we accidentally forgot that one person, or just waited a little too late to start shopping, viigii makes it easy to get those last minute or spur of the moment “thinking of you” gifts done the right way, the virtual way, while the gift is on its way.

It’s an easy way to say right now “I’m thinking of you”, because you matter to me.

Best of all, you can schedule when the virtual gifting announcement gets sent.

It’s the perfect partner for some of those items that might be on back-order or take longer to get to the recipient than you’d like, which we all know frequently happens this time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a viigii without buying a physical gift?

The viigii experience is designed to accompany the purchase of a physical gift through our PeaceLoveTribe store. With viigii, you can have an easy and memorable gift-giving experience, eliminating any worries of a gift not arriving on time.

What if I don’t want to send my viigii notification right away? Can I choose a future date?

Yes! You can choose the exact date you’d like the viigii to be sent. For example, if you’re ordering a viigii for your friend on January 5, but her birthday isn’t until January 15, you can set the viigii delivery date to January 15 so that the viigii will arrive on her special day.

Will I be notified when my viigii is sent?

Yes! After you send your viigii, you’ll receive an email confirming the details of your viigii (including the recipient’s contact details and the date of delivery).

What if I don’t want the recipient to see what I’ve sent them?

The viigii gifting service is intended to be a sneak peek of the gift still to come. The experience is designed to emulate the real-life excitement of unwrapping and revealing the gift with the added benefit of being able to respond immediately to the gift-giver. Through social media integration, viigii gives the opportunity for more personal communication between the giver and recipient, with the ability to exchange messages and media

Is viigii safe and secure?

Yes, we use SSL to encrypt data and do not store any sensitive information on our servers.